Start A Club

Wow! That’s exciting, you want to start a new Pathfinder club.

Pathfinders is an incredible way to mentor young people to show them a better way to live, with Jesus at the centre of their lives.

Here are some steps to take to start a club:

  • Pray
    Start and continue to process prayerfully. Taking leadership in any capacity is a calling worth seeking the Lord in – His guidance and wisdom is the light you’ll need through it all.
  • Register your interest: Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know where you are, what church or school you are associated with, and your contact details.
    This will also put you on our map so people looking for a Pathfinder club can find yours.
  • Talk with your church or school: Start gathering interest by talking with the boards of the local church or school and get official support from them. We can help you with this process.
  • Meet your local district director or youth director: The district director will support you in starting and maintaining your club. They can help you with all the finer details of managing Pathfinders and are there to make sure you succeed.
  • Build a team: Starting a club is not a one-person job. Finding parents and helpers to assist helps to spread the load and makes the club more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Pathfinder Curriculum: You can find this along with the activities by looking through the running a club section.
  • Create a calendar: Having a well-planned year eliminates the stress of last-minute planning. Get some great examples of calendars and programming here.
  • Advertise and run your first meeting: Get the word out about the stack of fun to be had by joining, and get set up for your first club meeting. Ask your district director to attend, if you feel you need the extra support.

We pray this adventure you’re embarking on is blessed one!

Let us know how you’re going by email us at [email protected].