Honours and Awards


As part of the curriculum, pathfinders engage in skill development activities known as honours.  Once an honour is complete, the Pathfinder is awarded a token to on their sash.

Honours are of any skill imaginable, and new ones can be created as new ideas are presented.  Skills include:

  • Outdoor activities, such as swimming and abseiling
  • Animal care, such as horse riding
  • Nature observation,  such as marsupials and ocean invertebrates
  • Practical skills, such as mechanics and bushcraft
  • Household skills, such as cake decorating and pizza making.

To view a complete list of honours available for Australian Pathfinders, see the site here

It is also possible to design a new honour.  Check first if the honour exists, if not, follow this link to the South Pacific Division site that will have the documentation and process to create a new honour.


Pathfinder Award of Excellence

The Pathfinder Award of Excellence is the highest award given to Pathfinders who have shown a spirit of participation, cooperation, initiative and responsibility in all their Pathfinder activities. While this award is granted only once in the lifetime of a Pathfinder, it does provide recognition for individual development and the ability to achieve an outstanding level of proficiency. In general, club leadership can nominate one Pathfinder per year, normally from the Guide class. Under exceptional circumstances, and in consultation with your DD you may give two awards.

Towards the close of the Pathfinder year the club leadership should meet to discuss the possibility of awarding the Pathfinder Award of Excellence. It is preferable for the Award of Excellence to be given to a teen Pathfinder with at least two or three years of involvement within the Pathfinder club.

Clubs are to make their nomination for the Pathfinder Award of Excellence on this form and submit it to their local conference youth department before the due date provided. The Award of Excellence may be presented at the time of the club Investiture, or at the conference Pathfinder Fair or Rally.

Note: It is not anticipated that this will be awarded to every Pathfinder in a club.

Criteria for the nomination of a candidate for the Pathfinder Award of Excellence:

  1. Be a member of a teen Pathfinder class, preferably a Guide.
  2. Be an active member of the local club for at least one Pathfinder year, with a record of attendance as required by the curriculum (e.g. The Way) that the club is following for of all functions.
  3. Have a record of conduct consistent with the ideals of the Pathfinder Pledge and Law.
  4. Have a record of responsibility that demonstrates self-initiative and a high level of proficiency.
  5. Reflect the spirit of Pathfindering through team spirit and cooperation with leadership.
  6. The Pathfinder will be completely uniformed on all occasions in the uniform as specified by their director.
  7. The Pathfinder will have a record of relating to everyone in a positive Christian manner.

Staff Service Award

The Staff Service Award recognises Pathfinder volunteer’s involvement in the local club.

Criteria for selection:

  • Service for periods 5 years or more.
  • Attended a minimum of 20hrs of conference sponsored Pathfinder Leadership training