The Director should impress upon Pathfinders the importance of giving compliments. The common method of giving compliments used by people in uniform is the salute.The procedure varies depending on the occasion and/or the dress worn by the individual paying the compliment. In most incidents, only the senior Pathfinder officer present will salute.
How to Salute

  1. The right arm is kept straight and raised sideways, the palm of the hand down, fingers extended and together, thumb close to the forefinger.
  2. In the instant the arm becomes horizontal, bend the elbow; with the upper arm steady bring the hand to the head palm out, so that the tip of the forefinger is 25 mm over the right eye (or to the hat brim edge in line with 25 mm over the right eye).
  3. In this position, the upper arm is horizontal and at right angles to the right side, the forearm, wrist and fingers in one straight line.
  4. Break the salute – The right hand is cut to the side by forcing the elbow to the side and straightening the arm; the fingers are curled, and the muscles of the forearm are flexed during the downward travel to the position of “attention”.



The Salute

The Salute

When to Salute

The Pathfinders will be at attention and only the senior Pathfinder officer present will salute for the group as follows-

  1. Salutes are given to the following persons or on the following occasions:
    1. His/Her Majesty King/Queen; other members of the Royal Family, and Members of Reigning Foreign Families; Prime Ministers, Premiers, Presidents and Chiefs of State of Commonwealth and Foreign Countries.
    2. Governors-General of Commonwealth Countries, States and Territories.
    3. When the national flag is raised or lowered.
    4. When “Last Post” and “Reveille” are sounded.
    5. Flag raising or lowering ceremonies.
    6. At a funeral when the hearse or coffin passes.
    7. When the national flag of a nation passes (i.e. Anzac day etc.).
    8. When the national anthem of a country is being played.

For Individual Pathfinders

  1. Individual Pathfinders in full uniform wearing a hat and performing the duties of a colour bearer will salute when receiving or handing over a flag from/to a staff member.
  2. At the discretion of the director.

National Anthem

  1. All stand
  2. Formed Pathfinder groups will be called to “attention”, and only the senior officer (Director or Counselor) in charge will salute.
  3. The salute commences with the playing of the first note of music and will be cut away at the end of the last note.

Flag Raising

  1. All stand.
  2. Pathfinder will stand at attention.
  3. When the national flag is raised or broken on parade the salute is given without a command. The salute is held for the duration of the flag raising by the most senior ranking person present from each Pathfinder club.

Saluting on the March-past

  1. During a march-past, only the Club Director or senior officer on parade will salute
  2. All Pathfinders and staff except the right-hand/left-hand marker will adopt the “eyes right/left”when so ordered.
  3. The right-hand marker/left-hand (the Pathfinder in front and on the right/left of the column) will look straight to the front in order to maintain direction.
  4. The Club Flag Bearer (and Guidon Bearers, if used) will present their colours.
  5. The Club Flag Bearers flag will not swing their free arm during this manoeuvre. It is recommended that Club Flag bearers hold their flag with both hands even when using a holster.
  6. The salute will carried out by removing the flagstaff from the holster, if used, and tuck it under the right armpit and lower the staff to the horizontal position.
  7. Flagstaffs are carried parallel to the ground and flags must not touch the ground during this movement. If the flag is in danger of touching the ground, the flag-bearer should gather the fly of the flag with the hand bearing the flagstaff.

The command given is “Pathfinders, Eyes RIGHT/LEFT”.

Leader Salute on Eyes Right

Eyes Right on March-past

  1. The executive word of command is given as the left foot touches the ground in quick time.
  2. The movement is carried out on the next beat of the left foot.
  3. On this command the Director will salute, the bearers will present colours and the Pathfinders will carry out the command. During the salute on the march, the Directors left arm is held steady by their side throughout.
  4. Pathfinders and counsellors (and Guidon Bearers, if used) continue to swing arms during “eyes RIGHT/LEFT”.
  5. The command is given 4 metres before passing the reviewing area. The salute and position is held until the last members of the club have reached a position 4 metres past the reviewing area.
  6. The command given is “Eyes FRONT”.
  7. On this command the Director or leading staff member will break the salute, the colour bearers will return to the former positions and the column of Pathfinders will turn their head and eyes to the front. After the completion of the salute, the officer saluting will cut both arms to the sides for two paces and then continue to swing in the movement for marching.
  8. This order may be given by a staff member marching at the rear of the club when they are 4 metres past the reviewing area.

Leader Salute on Eyes Front

Eyes Front on March-past

Club Formation for March Past