Parade Marshal


Prior to Parade, the Parade Marshall:

  1. Selects a suitable position for the dais.,
  2. Marks the marching route with direction flags/cones. Marks the saluting distance with direction flags/cones. Refer to Saluting at the March-past.
  3. Marks the end position of each club as for the chosen configuration. Refer PARADE FOR FAIRS & CAMPOREES.
  4. Marks the route to be taken by club flag bearers for the club flag presentation.
  5. Selects a suitable position for the flagpole(s). Either side of the dais or in front of the dais .The flags may be hoisted furled, to be broken during the ceremony.
  6. Flags may be carried unfurled to the flag pole/s by the colours guard.
  7. Marks the assembly points of each club, showing the position of the flag bearer and the marker.
  8. Familiarises club Directors and all flag bearers with procedures.
  9. Conducts the parade, choosing options as set out in PARADE FOR FAIRS & CAMPOREES.
  10. Chooses an option for announcing ‘’eyes right’’ past the dais. The Director may call ‘’eyes right’’ and a Counsellor at the back of the club may call ‘’eyes front’’; or someone on the dais may call ‘’eyes right’’ and ‘’eyes front’’.
  11. Choose an option for dispersing after the parade, e.g., clubs can ‘’about turn’’ and march away from the dais, before being dismissed by the Club Director or simply dismiss the parade.
  12. Makes sure all clubs are in place, before commencing the closing Parade.