Formal Inspections

Pathfinder Club Formal Inspection:

For a formal inspection the Pathfinders will form in ranks by the club as a whole. Refer to ‘’Open order’’ and ‘’close order’’ for preparing the club for a formal inspection.

A formal inspection must be announced to the club at least a week in advance. It may be held at the commencement of a Pathfinder Fair or Rally and when there is a visitor from the General Conference, Division, Union Conference ,local Conference Youth Director or District Director. A local Pathfinder Director, however, may conduct a formal inspection at any time they desire.

The purpose of the inspection is to encourage the leadership, affirm the Pathfinders and promote the Spirit of Pathfindering within the club.

To prepare the club for inspection so that the inspecting party can pass between the ranks, the club will be given ‘’open order’’ ranks.

The inspecting visitor may hold the club at ‘’Attention’’ throughout the inspection or they may direct the leader to give ‘’at EASE’’ to the units or ranks as they wait to be inspected. These units or ranks, however, will be called back to ‘’Attention’’ by the club director when the inspecting visitor begins inspecting them.