Church Parade


There are occasions when it is necessary for the Pathfinders to march into a hall or a church, as for instance, at an Investiture Service or a special Pathfinder Rally.

Make prior arrangements with the Church Deacons so that sufficient seating will be provided at the front of the hall or church. These seats should be marked ‘’Reserved’’ and the Deacons should see that they are kept clear.
The Pathfinders are to assemble in the foyer, basement, hall or even outside. In the case of an investiture, the various classes will be grouped together. If it is a Rally, and flags are being used, Pathfinders should assemble as for the Fair. Hats will not be worn in a church parade.

All instructions can be given before entering the church or hall. If the procedure is rehearsed beforehand, commands will be unnecessary. Where commands are to be given they should be kept to a minimum. Preferably, there will be no loud commands inside the church or hall, where quietness & reverence should prevail. It is preferred that the musician or sound technician for the occasion would be one who has rehearsed with the Pathfinders.
When the national flag is carried into a church, it is never necessary to have a colour party. Flags may be placed in the front of the church in the appropriate holders, bearers would then be seated in the church body OR the bearers may stand on the rostrum or in the body of the church with their flags. The National flag bearer to the right of the speaker and all other flag bearer/s to the left of the speaker.

On reaching their designated seats, Pathfinders will remain standing until a signal/order to sit is given by the Director.