Our Principles

The Pledge

The Pathfinder Pledge and Law was developed originally by Arthur W. Spalding and reflected the language of that particular time. A new version of the Pledge and Law was introduced by the South Pacific Division (SPD) in 1990 with the introduction of the Pathfinder Song.

The Law

The Song

The song highlights that every Pathfinder is a generation shaper as they follow the Son, make a stand in this world of problems and strive to build a better future. The SPD Pathfinder song was composed by Stanley Schirmer and launched at the Treasure Bend Camporee held in 1990 at Bairnsdale, Victoria.


Verse One

  • Running up the highway
  • Following the Son
  • We are the future
  • A promise just begun
  • We’re the next Generation
  • Tomorrow’s in our hands
  • In a world of problems
  • We’re gonna make a stand

Verse Two

  • Jesus is my Friend
  • He’s a true Companion
  • We are God’s Explorers
  • Rangers for the Lord
  • Voyagers together,
  • Working side by side
  • No matter what the problem,
  • God’s gonna be my Guide


  • We’re the Pathfinders
  • Tomorrow’s in our hands
  • In a world of problems
  • We’re gonna make a stand
  • We’re the Pathfinders
  • Believe us when we say
  • We’re headed in the right direction
  • ‘Cause Jesus leads the way
  • Chorus Repeat

  • 2020 Praise Ending

  • He leads the way
    He leads the way
    He leads the way
  • And anywhere he goes I’ll follow
    He leads the way
    He leads the way
    He leads the way
  • Anywhere he goes I’ll follow
    Jesus leads the way
    Jesus leads the way
    Jesus leads the way
  • Everywhere he goes I’ll follow
    He leads the way
    He leads the way
    He leads the way
    Jesus leads the way!

The Flag

The official Pathfinder flag is to be displayed by each club. The flag is rectangular in shape and is divided through the centre both vertically and horizontally making four equal parts. The background colours are royal blue and white alternately, sewn together with the upper left-hand corner being royal blue. The flag measures approximately 1m by x 1.5m in size, and the staff is 2 m long and 38cm in diameter. The name of the Pathfinder Club is displayed in the lower right quadrant using white letters. It is appropriate to display the Pathfinder flag at such occasions as Pathfinder fairs and camporees, Pathfinder day in the church, civic parades, etc. Flags may be ordered from the Adventist Book Centre.

Explore the Elements of the Flag

The Pathfinder Flag

Hover over this list of elements to display the reasons behind each elements of the flag.

The Uniform

The Pathfinder Club has an internationally recognised uniform, even though there are global variations. The core elements are emblems, scarf and sash. It is symbolic of the ideals of Pathfinders. Each time it is worn, it represents the organisation, the Church, and God. The uniform should be neat and clean. It should be worn with dignity. Pathfinders are encouraged to wear their uniform on the following occasions;

  • Regular Pathfinder meetings
  • Camporee parades
  • Public and national celebrations
  • Any public gathering where Pathfinders act as ushers, guards of honour or colour guards
  • When specified by the Pathfinder Director
  • Special Pathfinder services such as Inductions, Pathfinder Day, or Investiture Day
  • Conference/Mission events such as fair day parade, and Pathfinder rally
  • When engaged in service to the community, such as ADRA appeal, special visits like a hospital or aged care facility, letterboxing etc.

The New Uniform

A new Pathfinder club uniform has been introduced for Australian Pathfindering.  This has been approved by the AUC Pathfinder Advisory. It may or may not be adopted by your conference.  Some conferences have decided not to use it in their region. It is recommended that a club stays with the traditional Pathfinder uniform but either the traditional or the new more economical version, are acceptable and your club can choose according to its needs. Here are the options for using the two Pathfinder uniforms in Australia:

  1. A club can stay with the traditional uniform and be on parade and march.
  2. A club can use the new uniform option and be on parade and march.
  3. If a club decides to use both the traditional and new uniform option within the same club it needs to march in formation with the traditional uniform first and the new uniform second.

NB: The 2 uniforms can never be mixed and matched on the same person. Some things to remember:

  1. Both the new and old shirts must be accompanied with a sash, scarf and conference choice of hat. No change from the traditional uniform with these items.
  2. The new shirt must be worn with black trousers (not track pants or action wear).  We would recommend that a club pick a particular style and stay with that as much as possible (e.g. Kmart’s black pants).
  3. The new shirt and pants must be accompanied by black lace-up shoes (or the child’s black school shoes).  Black runners are not recommended.

New Uniform file download

The Former Uniform

The following is a representation of the placement of badges and insignia on the uniform.

Right Sleeve   Left Sleeve

In the preceding examples, it is worth noting that the ‘Conference patch’ has two locations a conference may choose to adopt— either on the top of the left sleeve or on the left front pocket.

Also in these examples, there is no epaulette shown. For the Pathfinders in Rangers through to Guides, there is a plain epaulette added to each shoulder. Staff also have epaulettes and these will vary depending on the position they will hold.

Uniform Hat

Each conference chooses their own official uniform hat/s. Please see below for examples.

The Constitution

This is a formal document describing what constitutes a Pathfinder club. Please read and ensure that your club abides by this document.

Pathfinder Constitution