COVID-19 Emergency Curriculum

Our team of Australian youth directors, in consultation with our conference district directors,  have been working on an alternative curriculum for Pathfinders during COVID-19.

The Covid-19 Curriculum was previously the ‘The New 2020 Emergency Curriculum’ and was designed to support Pathfinders during lock-down periods. The curriculum will continue to remain accessible as we naviagte these unpredictable times.

A few things to remember.

  1. If pathfinder clubs have already found a way to continue doing their normal curriculum – this can continue.
  2. This new program will give pathfinders the ability to continue with the pathfinder program during the next few months of isolation in Australia. This means that they can still be invested at the end of this year if they have completed the outlined work.
  3. This program can be done at home with all of the work fitting that criteria.
  4. We believe that pathfinders will be able to work well with this new curriculum. Pathfinders will continue to interact with their club leaders and parents throughout the year.
  5. One of the major requirements for 4 of the classes is working through the Hunter Chronicles series.  The AUC Youth Department have arranged some amazing discounts on all Hunter Chronicle products, see the details below.

A small silver lining: All pathfinders who get invested in 2020 had the opportunity to purchase the COVID-19 pins designed specifically for the year.
We still have a few remaining so if you missed out or would like to order more, contact us at [email protected].

HUNTER CHRONICLES – AUC Youth Department Special Offer: 
These discounts are only available to Pathfinders and Pathfinder Clubs using these books for the new curriculum.

Product                                                                       RRP                            YD Discounted Price

Single Hunter title                                             $14.95                                      $10.47

Book 5 pack (same title)                                 $64.75                                      $45.33

Book 10 pack (same title)                              $109.50                                   $76.65

Book Set (story + workbook)                       $25.90                                      $18.13

Full Set (6 stories + 6 workbooks)             $131.40                                  $91.98


6 Workbook Set                                                    $77.70                                    $54.50

6 Storybook Set                                                     $77.70                                    $54.50

  • See the website here for all product information

Here is how you can order: 

  • Orders must be placed by email to: [email protected]
  • Customers need to put the Discount Code in the email subject line: SWOOP
  • Please also include your phone number when ordering 
    • We will phone/email you for payment details 
    • Payment can be charged through to local churches for Club purchases, or by credit/debit card for individual  

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