AUC Camporee


*Registration Fees -
From 3rd December, there will be no cancellation of registration without a medical certificate. If a medical certificate is provided, you will still incur an administration fee of $50  per person and no refund for T-shirt/s. If a medical certificate is not provided, you will forfeit your registration fee. Registrations cannot be transferred.  Also, please note that any valid reimbursements will now be reconciled after Camporee. No further cancellations will be granted after December 28th.

** Pathfinder Staff - A reminder that you will have submitted all your accreditation to your Club Director, in order to volunteer with children. This must be approved by your church in order for you to attend Camporee.

*** Camporee Staff - Please go to the Safe Places website and submit the online volunteer pledge, then email your reference number to, at the AUC. You will also need to have submitted your Working With Children Check (or equivalent) to the AUC. These items were requested at the time of registration.

Fee Discount

Travel Subsidy

Clubs in both Western and Northern Australian will be eligible for a transport subsidy. Please await further communication from your Conference Youth Directors regarding this subsidy.

Cooks and Caterer's Discount

20% discount on fees for people coming with your club to work as caterers and cooks up to a maximum of 1 cook to every 30 people. Note: if your cook to person ratio is higher than 1:30, the discount can be spread across your catering team.



Your pre-ordered food can be picked up from from the Camporee Store  daily at these times:

  • Tuesday 1st - anytime before the Opening Parade. 
  • Wed 2nd - Fri 4th - between 6:00am and 8:30am.

If you missed placing an order, there will be a limited supply of these items at our Camporee Store. 



This is now available for purchase until Thursday 27th December  midnight.
These will be available to order for the days: Tuesday 1st through Friday 4th January.

 A limited amount will also be available from the shop at the advertised times. 

 If you wish to send your cook offsite for supplies, there is a small IGA 15 mins away, and larger chain stores 45 mins away. 

Sister Clubs

If your club needs to camp with or next to another club for reasons such as sharing a cook or cooking equipment, sharing a marquee or generator, or any other reason, please advise the AUC Office.

Sister Clubs can be helpful for clubs flying in from Northern Territory, Western Australia or Northern QLD, where the other club is willing to support this club (usually a smaller club). Both clubs obviously need to be aware of the arrangement. Both clubs need to be in the same sub camp.

Safe Zone

The Pathfinder Camporee event is a zone free of drugs, alcohol and smoking. The use of these prohibited substances is not permitted. Further, no pets will be allowed on the Camporee site.

Food Store

A Camporee food store will be set up on site with a limited range of essential items

Pre-orders for fruit and vegetables in now closed, however you can order bread, milk and ice with the links above. These orders can be placed until Thursday 27th midnight (as written above). 

Fire and Cooking

It is necessary to emphasize that NO OPEN FIRES are permitted on the Camporee site.

Every club cooking on a gas stove or similar will need to adhere to the following conditions:

  • There is to be no cooking inside tents
  • All cooking undertaken, must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • No solid fuel cookers – only gas
  • A portable fire extinguisher, fire blanket & bucket of sand must be located wherever cooking is occurring on the site.

Please be responsible with fire and cooking to manage the risk of fire.


Pre-orders are now closed
You may still be able to purchase a special edition Camporee T-shirt on site, however there is limited stock. Pre-order was only available during time of registration, which is now closed.

Water Safety

The Goulburn River runs nearby the campsite, so we will have a 50m buffer zone adjacent to it, where no activities or camping will take place. Please ensure your child understands that this area is OUT-OF-BOUNDS, for their own safety. Entering into this zone will not be tolerated.


There will be areas set aside for Pathfinders to shower via sprinkler, however, we encourage all clubs to bring a portable shower that can be used if required.

Further Information

Please expect further information bulletins to come out periodically, providing additional details as they come to hand. If you have questions, please contact your local Conference Youth Department.


You can have a sneak peek at our Unstoppable program here: 

Age Limits

The minimum age of any attendee who is in a Pathfinder Club is 10 years of age. Please note that only children who are Pathfinder members are eligible to attend. They must have turned 10 years of age by the COMMENCEMENT date of the Unstoppable Camporee, January 1, 2019.

Cooks or staff who have underage children (younger than 10 y.o.) will need to make other arrangements for them, as they cannot be at Camporee. You must adhere to this policy to avoid an embarrassing situation. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

Registration Day

There have been allocated arrival times on registration day, which you will have already received. This schedule must be strictly adhered to for registration to run smoothly.

ALL vehicles from a club must arrive at registration at the same time to receive their entry pass. All cars without an entry pass will be turned away and will need to obtain an entry pass before entering the site. 

Camporee Site

The Unstoppable Australian Camporee will be held just out of Molesworth, Victoria, on an inviting river plain next to the Goulburn River. There are beautiful big river gums shading grassed flats, and surrounded by rolling hills and farming communities. There is a rich variety of wildlife in the area, from echidnas to wombats, kangaroos, koalas, blue-tongue lizards and kookaburras!

Molesworth was established in 1875, and sits on the banks of the Goulburn River where 6000 ML of water flows past every day! It is 90 min north-east of Melbourne Airport, making it a very accessible location for all our clubs around Australia. In January we will look forward to pleasant temperatures, with highs around 26oC, and lows of 15oC.

The address is:  36 Ridds Road, Molesworth VIC 3718

We can’t wait to welcome you to this picturesque location!


Age Restrictions

One of our Pathfinders turns 10 in January, can they attend?

Only Pathfinders who are 10 years of age by the 1st January 2019, may attend the Camporee. The Pathfinder Advisory has been very strict on this limitation.


Can babies attend Camporee with their mother?

Babies of pathfinder club staff under walking age (approximately 1), who are still being breast-fed, will be permitted to be on the camporee site with their mother. Once a child is walking they will not be permitted to be on the site (because of all the dangerous billabongs and river).


Day Pass

Are day passes available for family and friends?

No. The Camporee are secure grounds with no possibility for day visitors.

 There only exceptions are for Opening Ceremony and Baptism:

* Opening Ceremony - Tues Jan 1st from 4:00-6:00pm 

* Baptism - Sat Jan 5th from 4:00-6:00pm.

All visitors will need to sign in with Security at the entrance, and receive a sticker pass. Please ensure you leave enough time to check in, and then leave promptly at the end. There is no scope for visitors at any other time.



Can we set up our own portable showers on our campsite?

We are happy for your club to bring portable showers, which will require carting the water from tanks near the Sub Camps.



How many people will we expect to have at Camporee?

There will be approximately 3200+ Pathfinders and Staff onsite at the AUC Unstoppable Camporee.



We have some parents who would like to attend the Camporee with their child, can they come along?

All adults attending Camporee fit into one or both of these criteria:

      * They are a member of the club with a valid WWCC and AdSAFE Code of Conduct

      * The are a member of Camporee Staff with a valid WWCC and AdSAFE Code of Conduct.

There are no other avenues to be considered as an attendee for this Camporee.


I have been asked to be the Club Cook, what qualifications do I need to have?

It is a minimum requirement that all club leaders are a member of their Pathfinder Club. This means that they have gone through the process of registering as a club leader and have a valid Working With Children Check.


What are the Adult to Pathfinder Ratios?

AdSAFE have recommended that the minimum ratio is 1:10 (i.e. 1 Adult to 10 Pathfinders), however the number of Pathfinders can be fewer than 10. In the instance of smaller clubs, it is likely that the ratio may differ greatly, i.e. 1 Adult to 3 Pathfinders. NB// All adults need a valid WWCC.



I need to change some information on my registration, can that be done?

Once you have registered you cannot change your details, however the AUC admin team can. In this instance, send an email outlining your detail change to>


If I register my child now and pay later, will I still receive the Early Bird Rate?

No. Your registration and payment must be received by September 2nd to take advantage of the early bird rate. At that time, registrations that are suspended will be defaulted to the new pay rate. The only exception may be with bulk club payments, and these are taken on a case-by-case basis.


Teen Force

We have a Pathfinder leader who will be 19 yo at the time of Camporee, can they still be part of Teen Force?

At this stage we are only accepting applicants that are 16-18yo inclusive.


Did I miss the Teen Force application deadline?

We are accepting applications up until 16th September. All successful nominations will be informed by 10th October.



Will the T-shirts be handed out at the beginning of Camporee or at the end?

The T-shirts bought with the registration application (i.e. pre-purchased) will be handed out at the registration site. We will also have them available at our onsite store for purchase, but this will be a limited amount.


What measurements are the T-shirts?

The measurements (in cm) are marked next to the size in the dropdown box on the registrations. All T-shirts are a unisex fitting.



Can a Master Guide march in the competition?

Only as the leader of the team. Master Guides are part of a leadership course and are in the same ilk as Junior Counsellors (i.e. Pathfinder Staff). For this reason, they cannot march as a Pathfinder (Point 2 & 3), however you can receive bonus points if they are the leader (Point 4) of the marching team.



Is there a way we can pay as a lump sum with the club?

Yes, please email your conference Youth Department for instructions on how to do this. * We are no longer taking lump payments.


Promotional Materials

Do you have any advertising for the upcoming Camporee?

Yes, these are found here, on our Pathfinders website>, simply click on the 'Watch Promo' button. Bulletins are found at the bottom of this website.



How do I know who has registered from my club?

The  AUC admin team are sending monthly updates to the Club Directors. If you need an out of cycle update, please email to request one.


New Years Eve

Is there somewhere for our club to stay overnight before Camporee, because we are travelling from interstate?

One  place you can stay is Howqua>, which is our Adventist Youth campsite; it is about 90 minutes from Molesworth. Alternatively, you can contact the Victorian Conference for details about local church halls>


Does your club enjoy marching and creative marching?

Well you are invited to participate in the competitive Marching Display Contest at Unstoppable Camporee. 
Click on the link below for further information or email The Parade Team> 


Bulletin Download

The PDF of each bulletin is available here: