When your Devotion Shows

God: Faith Development
14-16 years
Anticipate Time
3 hours min
2-5, 5-15, 15-30
Cooperation, Sharing, Thoroughness, Love to God


Pathfinders write a devotional series to be kept and used by the Pathfinder club or by Adventurers.

Through participation in this Pursuit, the Pathfinder will:

  1. Think deeply about how to challenge Pathfinders and / or Adventurers in being Christians
  2. Plan and present a creative worship series
  3. Describe the rewards of this king of activity

Scripture Focus

Memory Verse

2 Thessalonians 3: 13
But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary in doing good.

“If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet, your face would be in it…. He can live anywhere in the universe, and He’s chosen your heart.”Our teens need to hear this reality.


  1. Little initial preparation can be done for this Pursuit. The direction of the focus and effort will be dictated by the Pathfinders themselves. It will be important to support them in their chosen direction, however, by going all out to make available to them those things which will really make their selected theme come alive!
  • Materials will be dictated by the creative flair of the participants.


1. Share with the group how they are to prepare and present a series of worships to the entire Pathfinder Club or for another group of their choice. Encourage them to really unleash their creativity with this activity.
A total of three worship experiences will be planned. These can form a series or can explore isolated topics. The length of each worship will be left to the discretion of the leaders, however enough time should be allocated to allow the Pathfinders to really develop a thought in a variety of creative and dramatic ways! 

2. A number of fundamental initial decisions will need to be made. These include:

  • The age and interests of the audience
  • Selecting themes which have potential to appeal to a number of different senses.
  • The importance of challenging ‘change’ in the listener
  • The value of humour
  • Presentation time constraints

The theme selected should be one that is:

  • Faith-affirming
  • Positive
  • Relevant
  • Reassuring
  • Christ-centred

Presentation outlines should be based on the fact that ‘Talking is not teaching and listening is not learning.’ Inspire the group to make their presentations engaging! Participants should brainstorm a list of ‘winning’ presentation strategies:
• role-play • mime
• puppetry • clowning
• drama • the element of ‘surprise’
• humour • rapport
• use of body language • voice tone / enthusiasm
• sustained eye contact with the audience

3. Work together to: 
• Decide on the theme, develop the theme, and allocate roles for implementing the theme,
• Program a practice schedule and a mechanism for checking that things are being followed through,
• Create a running sheet of the final program outline,

4. Finally and most importantly, pray that your message will touch the hearts of those who listen and will help them to live out their Christianity more! 
Then do it!


Select from the questions below:

  • What was the most difficult part of this Pursuit?
  • What was the most enjoyable part?
  • What new talent did you discover you had?
  • What was your perception of the audience’s response?
  • What was your greatest reward in doing this Pursuit?


  • What did you learn about human nature?
  • Would you do it all again?


  • To what extent do you really believe in the message of your worships?
  • To what extent do you really ‘live’ the message of your worships?
  • How well did your team work together in this Pursuit?
  • How could you improve your effectiveness and efficiency next time?
  • When did you observe Co-operation during this Pursuit? When did you see Sharing and Thoroughness?


  • How can you live it more completely in your life?


1. Max Lucado