Whacky-mad Camp Menus

Nature: Camp Cooking
12-14 years, 14-16 years
Anticipate Time
1 hour min
2-5, 5-15, 15-30
Creativity, Joy


Pathfinders make up a camp menu with ‘wacky-mad’ names for the food.

Through participation in this Pursuit, the Pathfinder will:

  1. Contribute creative ideas
  2. Recall food items for a camp menu
  3. Create imaginary names for foods

Scripture Focus

Memory Verse

1 Corinthians 10:31
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

God created food for us from the beginning. He also made us creative beings. This Pursuit harnesses both for a gastronomic experience! 
In this Pursuit, you’ll probably find, with John Steinbeck, that ‘ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen’! Just watch your Pathfinders show you their brilliance in this one!


  1. Obtain a variety of menus from fine restaurants to give the Pathfinders some ideas about how to present their menu.
  1. Card on which to write menus
  2. Scrap paper for draft copies
  3. Writing implements, textas and pencils for menu presentation
  4. Awards or prizes (optional)


1. Ask Pathfinders as a group to suggest a weekend camp menu (5 meals). Make sure that they have a basic understanding of what they could feasibly take and cook on a camp.

2. Put a sample Whacky-mad meal menu together and photocopy one for each pair of Pathfinders. Ask them to guess what the food really is.

3. In pairs, have Pathfinders first make up a weekend camp menu and have it approved by the leader of the Pursuit. They are not to show their menu or discuss it with any other Pathfinders.

4. Have the Pathfinders ‘translate’ their menu into ‘Whacky-mad menu terms’ and present it like a fine restaurant menu. (Refer to Appendix for suggested ideas)

5. Have the Pathfinders read out their menu to the rest of the group. This will be a quiz to see who can guess the closest as to what the meals are. The Pathfinders can also vote on which menu sounds the most appetizing.


Select from the questions below:

  • Did making up strange names make the food less appetizing to you, or more?
  • Were you able to get past how silly this Pursuit was and have fun?


  • What did you learn about planning a menu?
  • Do you think your menu would work on a real camp?


  • Would you like to use a menu like this on your next camp? Why or why not?



Sample ‘Wacky-mad’ Menu:

  • Birds nest – spaghetti noodles
  • Boulders – meatballs
  • Lava Flow – spaghetti sauce
  • White Lightning – glass of milk
  • Polar Ice Caps – vanilla ice cream
  • Mini Bricks – croutons
  • Seaweed Delight – Caesar salad
  • Vampire Bane – garlic bread
  • Wagon Wheels – Pathfinder cookies
  • Dinglehopper – fork
  • Spear – knife
  • Vision Reflector – spoon
  • Albino Mouse Droppings – rice
  • Flat Pillows – pancakes
  • Power Pills – beans
  • Star Dust – Milo