Tour Guides

Self: Goals and Values
12-14 years
Anticipate Time
2 hours min
2-5, 5-15, 15-30
Creativity, Honour, Initiative, Responsibility, Thoroughness


Hypothetically, the Pathfinders are to act as a host to a visitor from overseas. They are to undertake research to best plan an itinerary for the ‘visitor’, including places of interest, accommodation sites, and any pertinent travel tips. All planning must be within a certain budget.

Through participation in this Pursuit, the Pathfinder will:

  1. Create a fictitious dossier on an imaginary person
  2. Use research skills to plan a tour in keeping with the interests of their ‘guest’
  3. Keep to a prescribed budget

Scripture Focus

Using our natural creative talents can set us on the path to unlimited destinations, in our lives, if not in our world. This Pursuit can harness creativity and organisation and result in a planned smorgasbord of delights! 


1 Video an episode or a segment of an episode of Televisions ‘Getaway’, ‘Destinations’ or a similar travel program.
2 Collect a number of travel brochures to a variety of destinations.
3 You may like to keep this as a purely fictitious exercise. Alternatively, you could contact a Pathfinder Club from the other side of the world and have your Pathfinders email another Pathfinder to get REAL facts for your dossier. They could then be sent the final ‘Itinerary’. If a fictitious traveller is chosen, leaders will need to create the personal dossier of a character, on which they can base their planning. This will include likes, dislikes, together with recreational, study and vocationaI interests.


Decisions regarding the sourcing of research material, and the form and format of the final presentation will determine the type of resources and materials utilised. These decisions will be made by the participants. Professional appeal should be encouraged with the final presentation of material.


1. Show the Pathfinders one or two holiday destinations from your recording of TV’s ‘Getaway’
then, distribute a number of travel brochures among the participants. Share descriptions of far flung places they would like to visit. 

2. Outline the details of the activity: Participants are to plan a travel itinerary for an Adventist ‘traveller’ to their town, region, or country. They are to base their planning on a personal dossier of the individual. There are two approaches to the personal profile of the ‘traveller’. Firstly, Pathfinders may select to scan Pathfinder Home Pages on the Internet with the view to making actual contact with a Pathfinder who will serve as their fictitious ‘traveller’; 
they may choose to select a fabricated personal profile of an entirely fictitious character (supplied by leaders).

3. Participants should be encouraged to be as creative as possible with their research, and the subsequent itinerary. The more travel tips included the better. Decisions will need to be made regarding the details of the activity.

  • Pathfinders may decide to work in pairs, or groups of three or four, each selecting a ‘traveller’ friend.
  • The layout and appearance of the final “compendium” containing the suggested travel details will need to be decided upon also. Computer generated copy with illustrations and photographs will be the key to a professional finish. A distinctive ‘graphic theme’ will add flair and visual appeal.
  • Feature sections within the compendium will also need to be decided. Such sections could include:

– Accommodation
– Restaurants
– Maps
– Travel methods/costing
– Outing Overview – features/descriptions
– Adventist Church contact addresses
– Cultural practices

As they will be working to a strict budget, all current costing should be included for the traveller. The most up-to-date source of information for such details would be the Internet and this resource should be utilised, if at all possible. 

As indicated, a number of copies of the completed compendium should be produced. One for the recipient ‘traveller’, and one copy for each of the participants who created it. 

5. A sharing time of finished ‘works’ should be timetabled.



  • What did you discover about your region/country that you didn’t know before?
  • What was the best thing about this Pursuit?
  • What was the most frustrating aspect of this Pursuit?
  • What did you do ‘really well’ in this Pursuit?
  • What skills did you learn by doing this Pursuit?



Internet access will be an invaluable resource for this Pursuit.